Scan and Win with E-kyash

100 lucky customers will win $30 in E-kyash!

Are you using QR codes when you make payments throughout your day? Be one of 100 lucky persons to get $30 sent to their E-kyash wallet at the end of September just for using E-kyash to power through your day. Every user that spends more than $200 in QR payments during the month of November will automatically enter into our super raffle.

Use QR Codes to pay for groceries at the store you use.

Pay with QR Code when you go to restaurants or purchase food

Going to the barber or beauty solon? Ask them about QR payments

Make purchase from businesses over social media using QR Code links

Digital Payments
At Your Favorite stores

We keep adding businesses everyday to our fast growing list of Merchants that are ready to accept payments with E-kyash. Cash in your wallet from your bank or at a Retail Operator and be ready the next time you find yourself at the check out counter