How to use E-kyash

Cashing in your wallet

Got cash in your wallet that you want to convert to E-kyash? Learn all about the ways you can cash-in to your wallet.

Performing Person to Person Transfers

Send money to anyone with a Register Belize mobile number. Funds are transferred instantly, even if they are not a registered E-kyash user.

Paying with QR Codes

Want a faster way to check out when you go to the stores? Say good buy to searching through your purse. See how easy QR payments can be.

Requesting Money

Need to collect funds from a friend or family? Need to collect funds from 5 different persons if just a few steps? Check out our Request to pay feature.

Geolocation and Split the Bill

Wondering where you can use your E-kyash in your area? No worries, with built in geolocation functionality, you can find all merchants in your area

Bill Payments

Tired of standing in line to pay bills? With E-kyash, you can now pay your bills from your mobile device. Check out our New Bill Payment Feature!

Purchasing Gift Certificates

Choose e-gift certificates from your favorite vendors with Belize’s very first digital gift certificates