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Did you know that you can now pay all your bills directly from your phone? E-kyash makes paying your Bill as easy as just a few taps.  Do you normally split your bills with a room mate or family member? Then we’ve got you covered too. Pay the bill and simply split the amount spent right in the app. This will divide the bill for you and send a notification to the person about the funds you requested. They just have to tap to confirm and you will be reimbursed their share of the bill. Check out our video on how easy it is all done.  Pay your bills in the Month of November and be one of 100 lucky persons to win $30 in E-kyash!

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Digital Payments
At Your Favorite stores

We keep adding businesses everyday to our fast growing list of Merchants that are ready to accept payments with E-kyash. Cash in your wallet from your bank or at a Retail Operator and be ready the next time you find yourself at the check out counter