Reduce your dependence on carrying around physical cash. Use your mobile device to pay for goods and services anywhere you see the E-kyash sign.


Send money to anyone with a registered Belize Phone number. There is no need for a bank account when you need to get money across the country


Whether you conduct business on social media, or you interact with your customers everyday, stay on top of your payments with our Merchant Service.

Retail Operators

With Retail operators spread out across the country, you will always be able to take cash out or put cash into your wallet. No more trips to the bank...

Accepted at your favorite businesses

Move around Belize with confidence knowing that you will be able to make your payments at your favorite businesses. With a growing list of Merchants and Retail Operators, we are sure to be at a store or business in your area.

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Learn about E-kyash in our Education series

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